i am super excited!

is anyone living in salamanca currently??? want to be friends? ha

what are some good places to take the kids? any fun zoos, parks, museums, anything?

what are some good places i can go check out?

are there a lot of gyms/healthclubs in salamanca? i really want to make sure i keep up with working out while i’m there haha

are tennis shoes a big no no? everyone keeps telling me tennis shoes/converse/vans are a total NO in Spain but I don’t want to be wearing heels everywhere! especially since i’ll be working with kids

do t-mobile blackberrys work in spain or do i have to call t-mobile and set it up as a world phone?

and this is stupid but i keep reading that everyone in spain is gorgeous and fit and now i am feeling a little self conscious, haha. what’s the overall general atmosphere in salamanca?

any other general info about salamanca is great




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